Root Canal Treatments

Many people have very unpleasant experiences with root canal treatments in the past, and based on past experiences, would rather have a tooth extracted than saved. Using our latest technology, the discomfort associated with root canals is minimized; encouraging you to save your tooth in the event it may require this treatment.

An unhealthy tooth requiring a root canal treatment

Root canal treatment is usually required when the tooth is nearly or completely dead. You might experience symptoms such as a hard lump in the mouth (that may or may not be yellow in colour, resembling a pimple), tender when chewing or biting, or most commonly continuous, aching pain that sometimes spreads to other parts of the mouth. When a tooth reaches this stage, the treatment options are limited to either root canals or extractions. It is always best to keep your natural teeth in your mouth as it helps with talking, chewing and helps maintain correct bone height and jaw structure. Losing teeth may be the more affordable option, however in the long run you may suffer more, and will regret your decision. If you think you may need a root canal treatment, talk to our dentist, who will address your concerns and explain all your treatment options with pros and cons of each.

The steps involved in a root canal treatment