Our Products

To supplement your treatment and ensure proper ongoing care for your oral health, Dental Aspects stocks a range of products.

We make these products available to you at, or below, our cost price. If there is a particular product you are looking for that is not listed below, please contact us to check if we have it in stock, and if not, we will order it in for you.

The products we stock include (but not limited to):


Colgate Dislotabs

Plaque Disclosing Tablets

Sensitive Pro Relief

Toothpaste 110g

Savacol Mouthrise Freshmint


Colgate Interdental Brushes

Size 2mm

Pixsters – varied sizes

Pack of 10

Superfloss Pack of 50

Pack of 50

Dry Mouth Gel


Tooth Mousse - Strawberry


Tooth Mousse Plus – Vanilla, Mint, Strawberry